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Wednesday, November 24, 2010




 1.What is online business ?
selling , bying ,actions  activities and transactions are  running with the help of compurt and internet is called ONLINE Business, those may be any kind of products,services . 


There are many uses.However the main aim is earning money.Anyone who have the minimum knowledge of computer and internet can do ONLINE BUSINESS.Simply sit at your home ,do some and get more money easily.

SUDENTS,LADIES,SENIOR CITIZENS,RETITERD EMPLOYEES,PHYSICALLY CHALENGED PERSONS can utilise this kind of business easily either part time or full time.
How much money to be earn?
There is no chance to tell how much  money to be earn by each person..Because the potentiality of earning is completely depends upon talent ,capability and ability of person.Generally experienced / trained  candidates can be earn 1000 to 5000 per day.

All are genuine or fake companies ?
Unfortunately 85% of  companies are fake.  Only 15% of companies are genuine.So everyone  must try to  know what company is fake ,what company is genuine.

How to find genuine companies ?
Everyone who wants to know genuine company can contact SMALL INDUSTRY RESEARCH INSTITUTE {SIRI}.

Google adsence .
Google Adsense is one kind pay per click (PPC) programme. It is similar to affiliate marketing program. In goole Adsense, google act as the meadiater between the webmasters (Affiliates) and the marchants (Advertiser) . The marcheant or the advertiser would simply sign up with Google and provide the text ads relating to their products.

These ads are linking to the Advertiser’s website, appear on google searches, and display on affiliates own websites (who signed up with Google adsense programe.)
There are lot similaries between Google adsense and other affiliate programs. As like as lot of differences between Google adsense and other affiliate programe.
In Google adsense, all the webmaters has to do is place a code on his website and Google take care . 

The ads proviced by Google ar generally relevant to the content of Affiliate site . this would be advantageous to both for affiliate and for the advertiser. As the visitors of affiliate would be more or less be acutally interested with products being advertised.

The Google adsense programe compensates the affiliate in a pay per click bais.
The advertisers would pay google a certain amount each time their ad on your site is clicked. And google would then forward this amount to affilates through checks. Checks would be depached only after google have deducted their share of the amount.

Google ad sense checks are usually delivered montly.
Also the Google Ad sense programe provides webmasters with a trcking tool that allows affilate to monitor the earnings actually get from a concerned ad.
affiliate marketing programs and the Google adsense program simply work, whether you are the marchant or the affiliate.

For the marchants side, a lot of money can be saved. For the webmaster , you can easily gain a lot of profits.
And it you combine all your profits from both the google Adsense program and other affiliate programes it would surely convert to a large amount of cash.

You have wide variety of ways to earn an income using your computer. from creating your own websites and blogs to filling out line surveys and reading emails the the choice is endless. And the type of program or opportunity that best suits you can often depend on what it is you’re after and how much time you’re prepared to spend.

Some people prefer the instant gratification of reading an email and seeing their account balance go up a couple of cents while others would rather take the time and market their chosen affiliate program to earn several dollars, even if it takes longer, other still like to combine the two . The problem for most people is knowing which program or opportunity best suits their needs, life - styles and time restraints.

Knowing what is available to you and under standing how these different programs worker is must when it comes earning online.Listed below are just a few of the different ways you can earn an income using your computer.

Paid to Action program

Online services :-

This is the way to people first get involved in earning online. Simply stated you join a survey company and if you meet the chosen requirements and complete the survey they send , you get paid. Key things to remember here though are that you don’t have to pay to receive surveys, there are many free survey companies available to you.

Some survey sites are country resitricted so make sure the country you live in is accepted by the program .Some surveys pay in points rather than cash often times have a high payout cash often times have a high payout level. And once reached you may have to wait several weeks to months before you actually receive you money.
Paid to Read.

Probably one of the easiest ways to earn online.Simply Join the program and wait for them to send emails. Once you have received it you open it and wait for the timer to expaire. It is better way to earn onlin money.
Paid to click :- 

This is very similar to the paid to read emails . Once you joined in a program you have a list of advertising links to click on. Once you do that you need to keep your window open until the timer expires.

Paid to write :-
For those that enjoy writing this is probably one of the better ways to earn online. And there are a variety of ways you can earn by writing. There are paid to discuss forums and sites where you get paid for voicing your opinions etc. Other programs will pay you for writting content. You can also earn through writing articiles for other prople to use on their sites (Ghost - writing freelance etc)

Those above are Just a few of the different paid to action type programs. There are more ways to earn through fulfilling certain requirements. Before joining any of this type of online income opportunities though I urge you to make sure you understand all that is involved. From payout levels to how you get paid and what requirements you need to fulfil etc.

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